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"Boy Dido (Villanelles)"

Juked, 2023



Cosmonauts Avenue, forthcoming



The Blue & White Magazine, 2020


“clean & pretty”

The Adroit Journal, 2020


“House: A Sonnet: A Palinode”

Triquarterly, 2020


“Resisting Palatability: On ‘Rot’”

Black Warrior Review, 2019


“The Scariest Thing”

The Rupture, 2019



Quarterly West, 2019


"made without hands / My daughter inherits my mouth and my fear of everything / Things Without Mouths: An Index"

Bennington Young Writers Awards, 2019



Albion Review, 2019


“Things Without Mouths: An Index”

Split Lip, 2019


“Ugly Girl Ghost: an interview with the spirit in my mémé’s house”

Permafrost, 2019



Black Warrior Review, 2019


“I’m Growing Girls in my Backyard”

Cosmonauts Avenue, 2019


“When a man says less is more, it’s hard not to hear him (or, on figure painting)”

Heavy Feather Review, 2018


“For the ad on my browser reading tragic girl’s life could have been saved by this new safety device!”

Gigantic Sequins, 2018


“Aquarium Maintenance: A Manual”

The Interlochen Review, 2018


“Thank You Have a Nice Day”

Midwestern Gothic, 2018


“My Body Begins Decaying on a Wednesday”

The Offing, 2018



Up North Lit, 2017

Interview with Taylor Bluestine,

Ratrock Magazine, 2022


Interview with Ethan Green,

Ratrock Magazine, 2021


Interview with Raymond Banke,

Ratrock Magazine, 2021


Interview with Sam Choi,

Ratrock Magazine, 2020

Interview with Elissa Washuta,

The Interlochen Review, 2019

Interview with Melissa Stephenson,

The Interlochen Review, 2019

Interview with Marcus Wicker,

The Interlochen Review, 2018

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